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I Remember

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"I Remember" Poems


I remember poems are great even for the youngest of students because almost everybody has fond memories of Valentine's Day. Remind students to be very specific and use concrete details to create a vivid picture for their readers.


I Remember

by Mrs. Herl


I remember smiling when I picked up my valentine bag which was brimming and bursting at the seams with cards from my classmates.

I remember being excited as I quickly dropped my Valentine's to my classmate's decorated sacks.

I remember crunching down on those little colored pieces of Valentine candy.

I remember feeling good about giving everyone in my class a Valentine.



Now, you give it a try!



I Remember

by Michaela


I remember when I would smile at my Valentine’s box and say, “I have a lot of candy.”

I remember asking myself if I should eat it all by myself or share with my friends.

I remember mom giving me 2 stuffed animals.

 I remember crying because I miss my dad each year because I am not able to celebrate with him because he does not live with us.





I Remember

by Ben


I remember when I was in first grade and put the cards in the boxes.

I remember at the end of the day we grabbed our boxes.

I remember what fun it was to go through the valentines and candy at home.

I remember that picking out valentines in the store is a lot of fun too.

I remember that when I get home I will eat all my candy all by myself.


I Remember

by Nathanial


I remember I got milk chocolate candy.

I remember I got a Valentine's card.

I remember I got a weird candy. 

I remember it was sour. 

I remember the Icandy was yummy.

I  remember I love all kinds of chocolate.




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